My notes on the Wiki Assignment The whole point of a wiki is to tap into a wealth of knowledge from a large group. I decided to help out the first group by adding some information and examples for them, but it was removed with no reason given. This dissuaded me from posting any further information unless it was directly for my group. I have also worked with another collaborative resource platform known as Sharepoint. This one has a fixed structure and allows for more flexibility as far as what can be added. In this case, the experiment worked since everyone was there for a common benefit (grades!). This is not always the case on the internet where everything is anonymous and provides no direct benefit. The style differed from my own in that there were many more examples and allowed it to go much more in depth. One person picks an example and can focus in on it while someone else picks something different. Using a wiki that had a user base that was taken from people in the same room as me was different from another wiki since there is immediate accountability. No one can erase everything and put obscene pictures followed by “LOLOLOLOLOLOL” ad infinitum. Some call that a benefit, others a limitation I suppose.


~ by stln1234 on March 5, 2009.

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