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Hello World!

This is an introductory post on my blog. I have despised blogs in the past due to the unimportant information posted by emo kiddies talking about their moods and/or parents not upping their allowance.

I will strive to have some relevant information on my blogs that affects people around us.

Just because it’s an assignment doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from it.

My name is r.a.g.n.a.r and I attend SFU Surrey for Mechatronics.

I have to write a few interesting or non-interesting things about myself.

– I’m a cynic.
– I despise half of humanity for willful ignorance….you know who you are, get off these blogs and go learn something.
– I am interested in almost every aspect of life, be it medical advancements, scientific achievements, cooking recipes, biking, working on my own car, the state of the world and its peoples to name just a few.

My favourite technology: my iPhone. Yes it’s the 2g, no I don’t want the 3g. No it’s not because I’m cheap, the costs don’t outweight the benefits. Half the battery life for gps? No thanks. Also I don’t like the idea of being able to be tracked. I do understand you can be triangulated from the relative signal strength of different cell phone masts, but it’s much less accurate and so it helps me sleep better at night (where I turn on airplane mode).

Tin foil hats off, I’ve been unlocking these babies for a very long time and have written a few documents in the past to help others out of bad situations where I have been with my phone. One example being going from 1.1.4 to 2.0, everything had to be done in a specific order and if you messed up, you would have to revert the OS back to 1.1.4 which was useless since the baseband (communications controller) was still at the new version. Lulz ensued and (while I was at work) 6 hours later, I fixed it. I deliberately messed up a couple more times in order to get it down pat, then posted my findings.

Apparently a photo of myself is recommended for this assignment. I’d rather keep these things private and thus save myself from stupid people (you know who you are…….go learn something with your free time, like a language or…..something!!!)


Edit: Right, I got so caught up in myself (trust me, when you’re this awesome, it’s kind of hard not to get taken away) I forgot to show you something of relevance (as opposed to telling people I’ll never meet or speak to about myself).


A while back around December 27 (right after boxing day $140 20″ LCD monitors!!!) Israel basically said “Alright, fuck this….” and invaded Palestine with the intention of crushing Hamas for sending rockets into Israel. Now something to note here, is that both sides claim to have justification over their actions. Israel invades saying Hamas is sending home-grown ghetto rockets into Israel and their citizens can’t sleep over fears of a random rocket flying through their window. Kind of justified no? Well Hamas (I’ll touch on this beautiful bit in a second) says they are justified in their attacks because Israel has a blockade on them. And then Israel says they have a blockade because Hamas keeps smuggling in weapons. And then Hamas……..well you get the picture. Just imagine a couple of schoolkids who are beating each other up, you pull them apart, give them a stern talking to, they each give you hundreds of excuses, you set them back down and turn around, and they go at it again. It’s totally retarded and it’s 100% unnecessary.

Ok so I’ll touch a little on Hamas. They are a terrorist organization……this is no hyperbole. It is just who they are.


Quote from

Hamas is described as a terrorist organization by Canada,[22] the European Union,[23][24][25][26] Israel,[27] Japan,[28] and the United States,[29] and is banned in Jordan.[30] Australia[31] and the United Kingdom[32] list only the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, as a terrorist organization. The United States and the European Union have both implemented restrictive measures against Hamas on an international level.


So to make things interesting, a while back, there were elections in Palestine. Now you’d think this would be a great opportunity for those people to vote in someone who actually cared about them, who would try and bring their country forward and broker a new peace, economic prosperity, etc etc. No. These retards (I’m sorry, there is no other explanation, but to paraphrase Full Metal Jacket, “Were born this stupid or did you have to work on it?”) voted for a terrorist organization to lead them. Absolutely brilliant. AAA+++ Will buy again. When I heard about this, I just about fell off my chair. These people advocated suicide bombings (which on a side note is hillarious…suicide bomber injured 30 in a mall……..wait, what? no dead? Thats a score of 0 – -1!! In counter-strike you’d be laughed off the server!!) and bus bombings, rocket attacks, etc on Israel, and these people voted for them. Great way to antagonize your technologically superior neighbors.

Now as much as I bash Palestinians for being stupid (read: deliberate retardation, this is not a case of “they don’t know better”), Israel is not the white knight here. So to continue on the original post: Israel invades, sends airplanes in blah blah standard invasion. Here it gets quite interesting. No reporters are allowed in. The UN reports a driver for one of their aid trucks was shot by IDF forces and had to halt aid efforts. IDF bombs a UN building holding foodstuffs, gasoline, and medicine right after the UN spoke with IDF and told them the exact coordinates of the building to ensure no damage to come to that building. Also IDF gathered some civilians (mostly women and children) into a building and told them to stay in there since it was marked to be a safe zone. A few hours later it got repeatedly shelled by IDF, many killed, many more wounded.


And to top it all off…….there is this battlefield obscurant. It’s a fantastic smokescreen in that it can also hide the heat signatures of tanks, allowing them to roll in relatively safe from heat seeking missiles and infrared targetting due to the high heat. This is a phosphorus shell. Now something to note with phosphorus. When ignited, it will burn VERY fiercely, water will not put it out. If you get some flakes on you, it will burn you to the bone. This weapon is allowed for use as a battlefield obscurant, but if you use it in an area with civilians, it becomes a chemical weapon and is against rules of warfare (not that the Palestinians should care since their rockets are just aimed in the general direction of Israel, with no regard as to where it lands, that’s another argument). Also the smoke when in contact with water (rain), it will produce acid……very nice touch!

To my final word: Here’s some good posts from the BBC on the situation in Gaza. Absolutely stunning pictures there, I just wish they were in higher resolution for a wallpaper.

These people (both sides) act like animals……I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again……nuke em and build a walmart. I’m sorry if this offends you, but until both sides grow a pair and sit down to talk like normal civilized human beings, nothing will change.


Assignment 1 done, and some intelligent information for people who want to learn a bit more.

Thanks for coming by.


~ by stln1234 on January 22, 2009.

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